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If you have questions or comments, please feel free to contact us using the email addresses listed below or by sending us a message via our form.

Mike Bohte President mike.b@mikeandjerrys.com
Glen Bohte VP/Operations Manager glen.b@mikeandjerrys.com
Mike Mahne Jefferson Store Manager mike.m@mikeandjerrys.com
Phillip Carroll Baton Rouge Store Manager phillip.c@mikeandjerrys.com
Jeremy Favalora Hammond Store Manager Jeremy.f@mikeandjerrys.com
Steven Bohte Sales Representative steven.b@mikeandjerrys.com
Kevin Bohte Sales Representative kevin.b@mikeandjerrys.com
Pete Gervais Sales/Technical Representative pete.g@mikeandjerrys.com
Rodney Wagley Sales Representative rdwagley@gmail.com
Luke Wagley Sales Representative luke.w@mikeandjerrys.com
Shane Gibbs Technical Representative shanegibbs50@yahoo.com
Accounting Dept accounting@mikeandjerrys.com
Gulfport Location probody8410@bellsouth.net
Pascagoula Location mj05@mikeandjerrys.com
Mobile Location nick.b@mikeandjerrys.com

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